Key Glock’s First Interview Since Young Dolph’s Passing | 360 With Speedy Morman

In his first interview since the passing of his cousin Young Dolph, rapper Key Glock invited Speedy to Las Vegas, Nevada to …



  1. His while Mannerisms down to his laugh is exactly like dolphs. That was his big bro for real. I can also tell he was mad uncomfortable when dude kept asking about him. Prayers to them

  2. Dolph had real talent ! & he was open to do features & etc to rise his empire ! This guy is stuck in the same place ! You can hear it in his lyrics

  3. You know they have people saying that he had something to do with Young Dolph passing away but I don't think so because when the man was asking him questions about the situation look into his eyes and they will tell that he didn't have anything to do with Young Dolph passing away so that he can be on top that's crazy why we have to do is you can see his eyes on me and they will tell it all so with that being said go back to the part where the young man was asking him the questions look into his eyes and tell me what you see

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