The Game Is Getting Ready To Release New Eminem Diss Track Titled 'The Black Slim Shady'

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  1. The games career already over that’s y he has to rap about other people who r better than him so it gets people talking about him like we r doing of corse 50 going to say something as well because em & him r tight game over!!!!

  2. New diss track … by the game featuring eminems mom …😆 game ain't no battle rapper he's a commercial fruitbag clubhouse ass dude … us underground heads know feminem ain't spit Nothing worth shit since 2000 but game lol 😆 he ain't even a emcee ..just a rapper let alone a diss track thats worth listening too … feminem would smash homes easily with some weird song like killshot but in 98 em would drop 2 bars and ending game

  3. Fuck… Why they doing same mistakes over and over again… Don't do diss track, if you can't even pick title properly. First, MGK with "Rap Devil", but Devil obviously weaker than God, then Game with "Black Slim Shady"… Stop this shit. Fuck, even Nick Cannon picked better title. This is the bottom. You can't fall below.

  4. Didn’t the game came out on a interview saying “don’t fuck with the white that when him and 50 were beefing he made sure to stay clear of EM”? So went from respecting him and his flow to dissing lmao game trying hard to get back under the light again lmao he should go beef with ja-rule or someone in that level

  5. I hope nobody responds including EM himself pls don't respond the game is just trying to resurrect his career so pls pay him no mind & he will disappear like smoke after It begins to clear.

  6. This is the moment where the world got someone ready in his best of ways…. to face em…… to face failure because even if ud prepare urself ur whole life…….u WILL not be ready for marshall!

  7. Game willing to get shredded by Em just to bring his career back from the dead, SMH. Just mentioning mgk tells you he's just looking for the same bump that Em gave him… pathetic.

  8. I hope it's a good diss track at least. If it's real, I do wanna see Marshall at his peak to smoke Jayceon out of the game! Oooh boy, I am all for that rap battle. Hopefully he talks about 50 too, want that rap battle reignited.

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